Facebook / Instagram Pro Setup

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Want an agency experience without the commitment?

Our Facebook Pro Setup gets you a complete in-account setup aimed at delivering your desired result of purchases or leads. Great for getting started or a fresh perspective.

We will work in your actual account, set up multiple campaigns with multiple goals, targeting, various creative, and recommended budgets. All you have to do is review it, switch to active when ready, and monitor it on your own from there.

Our aim will be to create a balanced strategy that equally supports customer acquisition, retention, and re-engagement.  It's the full spectrum!

We'll also provide a custom recorded screen share to guide you through the setup and the best way to manage it.

    • Facebook Ads Manager Set-Up
    • Facebook & Instagram Targeting
    • Facebook & Instagram Ad Copy
    • Facebook & Instagram Artwork
    • Facebook & Instagram Demographic
    • Facebook & Instagram 2x Ads
    • Facebook Pixel Set-Up
    • Facebook Store Set-Up


    This setup takes 5-7 business days to concept and complete.

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